The Geek's Cookbook

15 years of web design experience boiled down into daily bite-size chunks.


Online there are literally millions of lists, guides and blog posts about making sure your website is the best it can be.


But you're busy. We're all busy. How do you find the time to wade through this plethora of information. How do you know what works?


What if you could subscribe to a service, for free, that gave you one tip per day, that took you no longer than 30 seconds to implement? Well here it is...

In Recipe #1 (today!)

Potentially double the amount of people accessing your website. A 30 second task.

In Recipe #2 (day 2)

How to reduce the loading time of your website by up to 70%. A 30 second task.

In Recipe #3 (day 3)

A test to make sure you are not losing 50% of your audience. A 30 second task.


And much more...